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News Karma Kaveya is the brand's latest high performance EV coupe

Karma Kaveya is the brand’s latest high performance EV coupe

  • The super high performance coupe is expected some time in 2025.

  • Karma is planning a revised Revero sedan before the end of 2024.

  • A new sedan, called Gyesera, should see the light of day before 2025.


Karma Automotive has unfortunately been flying under the radar for some time now. The brand, which took over the mold formed by the former Fisker-owned company and its sedan now called the Revero, must now look to the future and, above all, find a way to draw the spotlight on its activities.

Karma Kaveya | Photo: Karma Automotive

It did just that over the weekend with the unveiling of its latest supercar, the Kaveya, which will be a long time coming, however, since its basic livery is expected towards the end of 2025 at the earliest. The model unveiled, the high-performance variant in other words, in the last few days will be offered somewhere in 2026.

Karma Kaveya | Photo: Karma Automotive

Karma’s new car takes the shape of a more traditional coupe, with a long hood and cab set back towards the rear. The car’s curves emphasize the cockpit defined by the all-glass roof, while the curve around the front window helps to highlight the high-performance coupe’s snout.

Karma Kaveya | Photo: Karma Automotive

And let’s talk about this front end, which even houses retractable headlamps over the LED daytime running lights. In fact, the headlamps are concealed behind these small panels that slide under the hood at night. At the rear, the design is more restrained, with horizontal position lamps installed directly on the edges of the rear end. As a supercar, the Kaveya also boasts a good-sized adjustable spoiler, while its aerodynamically designed 19-inch wheels complete the package.

Karma Kaveya | Photo: Karma Automotive

In its base version, the Kaveya coupe will be fitted with a single rear-axle-mounted engine, the mill, which will deliver a quite noble 536 horsepower. But since we’re living in an age of cars with over 1,000 horsepower, the top variant will be equipped with a pair of engines and all-wheel drive. Estimated power is 1,180 hp and torque 1,270 ft-lb, figures that are all but necessary given the sheer weight of this other electric… and exotic creation! Indeed, the weight of 2,404 kg (or 5,300 lb) almost forces the designers to equip the car with this very potent powertrain.

Karma Kaveya | Photo: Karma Automotive

Fully electric, the Kaveya relies on a 120-kWh battery capable of being recharged from 10% to 80% in 45 minutes, with a range of 402 km (or 250 miles).

The automaker also showed a darkened image of its forthcoming Gyesera sedan, the car that will boast 590 hp and 693 ft-lb, with a battery and range identical to those of the Kaveya coupe. This sedan is scheduled for a reveal late next year, just after the presentation of a Revero – the only model currently available in the Karma range – updated to cope with all this new competition in the electric segment.

Karma Kaveya | Photo: Karma Automotive

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