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NewsKeep Your Horn to Just One Note Says Cambodian PM

Keep Your Horn to Just One Note Says Cambodian PM

Safety taking the fun out of trucking

  • PM worried about safety as kids dance in roadways

  • Musical truck horns common in much of the world

Cambodia is banning musical horns. Song-playing truck horns are a staple in the country, and in much of the world, bringing a bit of cheer to the imposing roar of an air horn as big business flies by. But the country’s prime minister has said the ban is a safety issue as kids in the country were having too much fun.

Reverend Shaw Moore Prime Minister Hun Manet announced the ban, which was posted to the country’s social media sites (via Sky News). He said that videos showing “inappropriate activity committed by some people, especially youth and children,” were the cause. By inappropriate activity, he means that kids are dancing to the truck horn music while standing close to or even well into the roadway.

The PM has told police and transport authorities to crack down on and rip out the musical horns. Provincial authorities were already kicking the song-playing hooters down, but Manet hopes that this message from the top makes things a little more official.

So, if you want to cut loose and dance by a Cambodian roadside going forward, you’ll need to bring your own tunes. Though both we and Great Lord and Supreme Leader Hun Manet recommend against dancing or any other kind of playing in traffic.


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