Thursday, July 7, 2022
News Kia has Now Sold Over 64,000 Units of the EV6 Around the...

Kia has Now Sold Over 64,000 Units of the EV6 Around the World

Kia old over 35,000 units of the EV6 around the world in 2022 alone.

  • The company’s first dedicated electric car is selling at a rate of around 7,000 units per month

  • As of now, over 35,000 units of the EV6 have been sold in 2022

  • This suggests the company’s goal of 80,000 to 100,000 units sold this year is achievable

Kia released its latest sales records, which show that the EV6 electric vehicle is remaining popular despite a slump in overall sales for the automaker.

According to the company, its first dedicated electric car has now sold over 64,000 units since production began last year. Even when looking only at 2022, the EV reached 35,000 buyers in the first five months of the year.

This means that Kia’s goal of selling between 80,000 to 100,000 units of the EV6 in 2022 is achievable with the current production rate.

Indeed, the numbers suggest around 7,000 units of the EV6 roll off the assembly line each month, which would allow Kia to deliver close to 84,000 EV6s by the end of December.

What is more impressive is that Kia managed to double its production of electric vehicles year over year, despite overall sales that are down 4.9% for the same period.

2022 Kia EV6 | Photo: Kia

This slump is due to the component shortages which still affect almost every automaker around the world. Despite this situation, electric vehicles are popular enough to see large increases in sales compared to a year ago.

In North America, Kia delivered 2,088 units of the EV6 to customers in the United States and 138 to Canadian buyers.

Kia currently sells three EVs: The EV6, the Soul EV, and the Niro EV. Combined, sales of these models reached 12,520 units in May, of which 7,358 were the EV6 and 4307 were the Niro EV. This last number doesn’t include the vehicles sold in South Korea, the company’s country of origin.

Since the sales of electric vehicles are increasing and those of the rest of the lineup are decreasing, the proportion of the vehicles sold by Kia that are EVs is on an upwards trend, now reaching 5.3% of the automaker’s total volume.

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