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NewsKia Headed to Work Truck Week for First Time

Kia Headed to Work Truck Week for First Time

Kia trucks?

  • Kia bringing PV concepts to real work buyers

  • Will be Kia’s first appearance at the commercial show

Kia is making a last-minute announcement to bring its new electric work trucks to the work truck show. Work Truck Week, held in Indianapolis on March 6-7, will see the concept models of the Platform Beyond EVs on display.

Work Truck Week is the annual trade show for, well, work trucks. Like a blend of auto show and SEMA, devoted to trucks meant to perform commercial jobs day in and day out. The Kia Platform Beyond Vehicles are the first trucks that the company will have ever brought to the show.

The Kia PV5 is an EV designed for rideshare hailing. The company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Uber to work on exploring potential new partnerships. It will also offer delivery variants and be available in basic, high-roof, and pickup models. It could arrive in the US as soon as 2026.

Kia’s PV7 is the largest of the company’s electric concepts. It will have a modular body that is designed for maximum interior space. Think of it as a competitor for the likes of the Ford E-Transit.

Kia will also show off its planned fleet management solutions. The company will demonstrate how its services can let commercial customers oversee multiple vehicles and see real-time information on sales, inventory, and delivery schedules. It will also deliver real-time route planning to optimize EV efficiency.



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