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NewsKia Says EV9 Will Lead Off Loads of After-Sale Software Enhancements

Kia Says EV9 Will Lead Off Loads of After-Sale Software Enhancements

EV9 will have upgrades including Level 3 Autonomous driving

  • EV9 will begin a new era of after-sale add-ons

  • New architecture makes software updates possible

Kia is talking tech and its new Kia EV9 electric SUV, the first model from the Hyundai group to offer on-demand features and over-the-air updates. All made possible through the car’s new internal networks and the new Kia Connect online store.

The automaker calls it “Software Defined Vehicle” technology, allowing customers to change their vehicle from the comfort of the driver’s seat and based on their needs. But what does Kia plan to offer?

A lot of hype and jargon, for a start. E/E architecture, OTA, HDP, SDV, HMV, and more. Ok, we made that last one up, but electrical/electronic architecture is real, and so are the rest. E/E refers to the car’s electrical system and how every sensor interfaces with the computers. Over the air is OTA, software-defined vehicle is SDV, and HDP is the Highway Driving Pilot hands-off driver assistant.

That last one is the only real feature in the announcement. Kia says it will offer “conditional Level 3 autonomous driving,” though it won’t be available from the start. As Kia said up top, it’s one you’ll be able to buy later on through its OTA update system.

Kia plans other such paid services down the road. Features including Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 and “Lighting Pattern.” There are also the usual buzzwords including “Upgradeable software can enhance vehicle functions, including safety, convenience, connectivity, security, and driving performance, to offer innovative customer experiences.”

The takeaway: Kia is going to offer a crapload of goodies for the EV9 as well as its other upcoming electric models. Giving you plenty of ways to customize your vehicle and improve it after you leave the dealer.



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