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NewsKia shows new Hybrid 2025 Carnival Minivan in Toronto

Kia shows new Hybrid 2025 Carnival Minivan in Toronto

  • Kia’s new hybrid powertrain will help the minivan’s fuel consumption.

  • The new design is more in line with the latest models from Kia.


The big news from Kia’s booth at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto comes in the form of a minivan. The Korean manufacturer took the opportunity to unveil the 2025 Carnival, a model that made its debut at the Chicago Auto Show just a week ago.

2025 Kia Carnival | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

For the coming year, the backbone of the family van remains unchanged, as is customary. Instead, it’s at the ends of the body that the model gets a facelift. At the front, the huge grille, topped by the brand’s logo and LED daytime running lights running down the ends of the front fenders, is almost reminiscent of a pickup truck.

2025 Kia Carnival | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The rear section has been significantly revised, with LED marker lights that cross the tailgate from left to right, before dropping down to the fenders. Of course, new wheels (with no less than five new designs) are part of the formula, as is the towing package already fitted to all the model’s liveries from the factory.

The evolution is not limited to the exterior. The interior also benefits from the designers’ input, as with the dashboard now equipped with this vast dual-screen panel whose shape has changed compared to the outgoing model. The bulge behind the steering wheel has been removed. What’s more, the famous dual-function panel housing buttons for air conditioning and others for certain infotainment system functions has been integrated beneath the central portion of the screen.

2025 Kia Carnival | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The console separating the passengers has also been redesigned with this gearshift knob, instead of the traditional lever used for some seasons. A head-up display can also be ordered. To add to the minivan’s connectivity, the Carnival 2025 also offers the possibility of this digital key via the owner’s smart device, who can even start the car remotely or adjust the temperature inside the vehicle via his or her phone’s screen.

2025 Kia Carnival | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

However, it’s really under the hood that the new year stands out. The minivan can now be ordered with a hybrid powertrain. Instead of the usual V6, a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder, backed up by a 54-kW electric motor, delivers a reasonable 242 hp and an optimal 271 ft-lb of torque. Unlike its Toyota rival, the new Carnival Hybrid uses a 6-speed automatic transmission, unlike the CVT unit on board the Japanese minivan.

Kia Canada has yet to confirm whether the 3.5-liter V6 (287 hp and 260 lb-ft) will still be offered to those who prefer such cavalry under the hood.

We’ll have more details on pricing and delivery later this year, with deliveries of the 2025 models scheduled for this summer.


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