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NewsKia Stinger Production Ends Next April

Kia Stinger Production Ends Next April

The Stinger was the slowest-selling Kia vehicle in South Korea last month

  • Sales of the premium hatchback have dropped significantly over the last year.

  • The 2023 model year, already on sale, will be the last.

Loved almost universally and shunned, almost universally, by buyers, the Kia Stinger premium hatchback will go the way of the dodo in six short months.

The 2022 Kia Stinger Is Enhanced Where It Counts

The Kia Stinger’s picture is easy to paint. Sold for seven model years (2017-2023), only about 80,000 were sold in Canada and the US combined, or about 20,000 fewer units than Ford F-150 sales made in the US in August and September 2022. This is why the Stinger is a rare sight.

Why the Kia Stinger never took despite the praise delivered by the automotive press is a combination of brand recognition and easily accessible credit – shoppers preferred lease payments in the amount of a Stinger GT finance payment for a base 4-cylinder BMW 4 Series.

This inevitably will make the Kia Stinger a desirable future classic, perhaps the first for the massive Hyundai Motor Group. The last new models will be rolling off the assembly line in March 2023.

A direct replacement for the flagship Stinger is not in Kia’s plans according to Motor1. That is, there’s no petrol-powered successor however an electric version is a real possibility but not before 2025.


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