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NewsKia Teases the Face of the Refreshed EV6

Kia Teases the Face of the Refreshed EV6

EV6 gets new lights, new face

  • EV6 shows off new accent signature

  • Refresh expected to include new infotainment

Kia’s EV6 electric has been around long enough that it’s time for the car’s first facelift. Ahead of the full reveal, Kia is teasing the model on its Facebook page, showing us the stylish new running lights and a sneak peek at the face.

The company’s post says that it is “getting a little dynamic with the new family” and that it “produced a futuristic feeling.” The lights are certainly a change, with the new DRL almost eating its own tail and with a much more aggressive shape than before.

More significantly, the headlight housing nearly disappears. The new unit is far smaller than the headlights on the current car. The nose itself seems to have been redesigned as well, with a different shape for the small strip that serves as the grille.

At the rear, Kia has sharpened the car-spanning rear light even more, making it almost pencil-thin. The changes at the back aren’t as obvious as those in the front, but we do expect that much like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 the refreshed EV6 will gain a rear windshield wiper.

While it hasn’t yet been revealed, Kia is likely to drop in the upgraded panoramic display dash and center screen you’ll find in the Kia EV9, which adds a third smaller touch screen in the center to handle the climate controls.

The full reveal of the 2025 Kia EV6 is expected before the end of the month.


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