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Kia Unveils Concept EV3 and EV4 at Annual EV Day: Targets One Million Sales by 2026

The Kia Concept EV3 and EV4 are stylish EVs that demonstrate how serious the automaker is about the EV game.

Kia has laid out its ambitious global EV strategy at the annual Kia EV Day held in Korea. This included the unveiling of three new electric vehicles, aimed at further broadening the brand’s model line-up. The overarching aim is to sell one million electric vehicles by 2026 and increase this figure to 1.6 million by 2030.

Kia Concept EV3 | Photo: Kia

The day featured the launch of the EV5, an electric compact SUV aimed at millennial families, as well as the much-anticipated reveal of two concept models: the Kia Concept EV3 and the Kia Concept EV4. These new additions come as part of Kia’s strategy to offer a wide-ranging EV line-up with prices ranging from $30,000 to $80,000. In emerging markets, the brand will initially focus on launching the EV6 and EV9, before introducing the newly unveiled models.

Concept EV3: A Compact SUV with Flagship Features

The Concept EV3 is designed as a compact SUV that blends the practicality and technology found in Kia’s flagship EV9. It incorporates Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, which fuses contrasting qualities into a powerful and impactful design. The vehicle features a unique silhouette, thanks to the forward-pushed windscreen and long sloping roofline.

Inside the SUV, advanced ergonomic seat design and environmentally friendly materials make it both practical and comfortable for occupants. Generative AI technology, set to debut in 2024 model, aims to offer services like schedule management and route optimization.

Concept EV4: A New Take on the Electric Sedan

The Concept EV4 seeks to redefine the electric sedan. Influenced by the ‘Power to Progress’ pillar of the ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, the EV4 presents a harmonious fusion of confident, geometric diagonal lines and rich, technical surfaces. Not just another sedan, its potent and impactful lines stand as a symbol of innovation. The interior features a sleek and spacious horizontal layout, designed to prioritize the driver’s experience.

Kia Concept EV4 | Photo: Kia

Charging Infrastructure and Customer Experience

Besides expanding its line-up, Kia is also focusing on building a robust charging infrastructure. The brand is planning to construct 30,000 fast-charging stations across North America by 2030 and has already initiated collaborations in Europe to expand the charging network.

To make the transition to electric vehicles as smooth as possible, Kia is developing a comprehensive ‘Kia App’ that will offer functionalities from vehicle research to test drives and contract finalization. The app, set for a 2024 release, will feature an AI chatbot to assist customers with queries and offer insurance premium discounts.

Kia Concept EV4 | Photo: Kia

Kia and the Hyundai Motor Group are working hard towards accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles. With the new EV5, EV4, and EV3, it’s not just expanding its product offerings but also focusing on enhancing the customer experience.

Kia Concept EV3 | Photo: Kia
Kia Concept EV4 | Photo: Kia

Kia Concept EV3 | Photo: Kia

Kia Concept EV4 | Photo: Kia


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