Saturday, January 28, 2023
News Kia wants to sell 1,2 million EVs annually by 2030

Kia wants to sell 1,2 million EVs annually by 2030

Kia will intorduce 14 new EVs by 2027 in order to reach 1,2 million sales of electric vehicles by the end of the decade

Following Hyundai and Genesis‘ announcement yesterday, it’s Kia‘s turn to present its 2030 plan, with the second largest Korean brand estimating that it will be able to sell four million vehicles globally by 2030, including 1.2 million pure electric vehicles. Of the four million annual sales, Kia estimates that about half will be fuel-efficient vehicles. By the end of the decade, Kia is also aiming to push its autonomous driving and connectivity technology into all its vehicles.

Recall that for the current year, Kia expects to sell 3.15 million vehicles globally, and with four million expected in 2030, that’s a 27% increase. What changes from the 2022 estimates is the percentage of electrified vehicles (hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric), which is expected to increase from 17 percent in 2022 to 52 percent in 2030. This statistic is even higher in markets where adoption of these “green” vehicles is on the rise, with a prediction of 78% of sales by 2030.

Kia also reportedly aims to bring as many as 14 electric vehicles to market by 2027, which means that starting in 2023, Kia will launch at least two electric models per year. The original plan unveiled in the midst of the pandemic spoke more of 11 models. Kia also said it would enter the electric pickup niche with one authentic pickup and another designed for emerging markets.

Next year, the large three-row Kia EV9 utility vehicle will join Kia’s lineup, the vehicle expected to be capable of driving up to 540 km on a single charge, according to early estimates.

And to accelerate the electrification of its fleet, Kia intends to increase the density of its battery packs by 50 percent, in addition to reducing the cost of its systems by 40 percent, which should not only ensure the market potential, but also the performance of its various models.

The Korean manufacturer will even invest in the adapted or specialized vehicle segment. There is even talk of an adapted version of the electric Kia Niro for cab services and urban deliveries.

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