Sunday, January 16, 2022
News Koenigsegg Says No to SUVs, Suggests Mad Max Gemera Instead

Koenigsegg Says No to SUVs, Suggests Mad Max Gemera Instead

Koenigsegg says no to SUV, has better idea

  • Christian Von Koenigsegg spares no hate for SUVs, but that doesn’t mean all off-roaders off table

  • Talks Safari-style cars instead

Christian Von Koenigsegg and the company that wears his name have been synonymous with the highest of high performance ever since he started to develop what would become the CC back in the 1990s. Earlier last year, the Swedish automaker revealed his first four-seat car, so does that mean that an SUV is coming for the company that’s known for uncompromising road rockets? The man himself speaks out in a new interview talking about speed and what he might make instead.

The four-seat Koenigsegg Gemera looked like the first time the automaker compromised and built something usable for more people. A grand tourer of sorts, even though it still makes more than 1,700 hp thanks to a 2.0L three-cylinder and a trio of electric motors.

Speaking with Misha Charoudin, Von Koenigsegg said that speed records are important to sales, but that “the way the car actually drives and behaves in the realm that is accessible to the customer is more important.” The car needs to be exciting and usable.

That may be why his answer to the question of if Koenigsegg would ever consider an SUV was “well, I tend to build cars I like myself…and I’ve never been a great fan of SUVs.” He said that the aerodynamics of an SUV are not good, and called it “an oxymoron.” “You create something that should behave badly and then you try to fix it.” So that’s a no on the SUV.

What Von Koenigsegg does like the idea of, though, is a “Paris-Dakar version of the Gemera.” A “really hardcore Mad Max offroading kind of thing,” a lifted, big tired car that could be used on the road, but was intended for jumping dunes and that sort of driving. Is that what the market is missing these days? Forget the Raptor and TRX, do we need a sand-ready Hypercar? Sure, why not?


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