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News Koenigsegg Unveils Client Specification Gemera at the Newly Inaugurated Gripen Atelier

Koenigsegg Unveils Client Specification Gemera at the Newly Inaugurated Gripen Atelier

Megacar Evolution - Koenigsegg's Game-Changing Technologies and Ambitions

  • Koenigsegg unveils enhanced Gemera and new Gripen Atelier, setting industry benchmarks.

  • Gemera’s innovative powertrain combines 2,300 hp and exceptional practicality.

  • Production at Gripen Atelier set for 2024, with deliveries commencing in 2025.

Koenigsegg, the Swedish hypercar manufacturer, proudly announced the unveiling of the Client Specification Gemera, an enhanced version of their revolutionary four-seater Megacar, at the newly opened Gripen Atelier in Ängelholm, Sweden. The launch signifies a new chapter for the automaker and the broader industry.

Christian von Koenigsegg, the company’s founder and CEO, hailed the launch as a momentous occasion, citing significant updates and enhancements to the Gemera, which continues to set new industry benchmarks. The Gemera, known for its impressive power output of over 1 megawatt, has been further enhanced in the Client Specification version with exciting advancements.

The Gripen Atelier, a 11,000 m2 facility dedicated to the Gemera lineup and future models, ensures Koenigsegg can efficiently develop and sustain the Gemera program in sync with its two-seater lineup. With this addition, the company’s total facilities footprint extends to an impressive 30,000 m2.

Powertrain Innovation: LSTT and Dark Matter E-motor

The major innovation in the Client Specification Gemera lies in the powertrain. Originally intended to feature the Koenigsegg Direct Drive system, as seen in the 2020 Gemera show car and first running prototypes, plans pivoted with the introduction of the Light Speed Transmission (LST) in the Jesko model. The LST and its capacity to remove the flywheel and clutch from the engine led to the conception of the Light Speed Tourbillon Transmission (LSTT) for the Gemera.

Paired with the newly developed “Dark Matter” E-motor – a leap forward in electric propulsion providing 800 hp and 1250 Nm with its 6-phase technology, the Gemera’s LSTT four-wheel drive system has been optimized. Capable of drawing power from the Dark Matter E-motor or the twin-turbo TFG, or a combination of both, the Gemera now delivers a whopping 1400 hp and 1850 Nm of torque.

Koenigsegg Client Specification Gemera | Photo: Koenigsegg

The Gemera HV8: A New Breed of Megacar

A particularly remarkable variant, the Koenigsegg Gemera HV8 (Hot V8) version, takes performance to new heights with an impressive 2,300 hp and 2,750 Nm of torque. Christian von Koenigsegg proudly referred to the Gemera HV8 as “the most powerful and extreme production car,” combining a unique mix of power, practicality, and user-friendliness.

Koenigsegg has demonstrated immense creativity and innovation in designing a transmission that integrates four seats, a mid-engine position, electric propulsion, nine gears, torque vectoring, and four-wheel drive, all at a lower weight than previously achieved.

Production for the Gemera is set to commence at the Gripen Atelier at the end of 2024, with customer deliveries expected to begin in early 2025. The release of the Client Specification Gemera and the inauguration of the Gripen Atelier signal an exciting era for Koenigsegg and the automotive industry at large.

Koenigsegg Client Specification Gemera | Photo: Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Client Specification Gemera | Photo: Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Client Specification Gemera | Photo: Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Client Specification Gemera | Photo: Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg Client Specification Gemera | Photo: Koenigsegg

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