Sunday, October 2, 2022
News Koenigsegg will Build a New Plant to Make its Future Hybrid Hypercars

Koenigsegg will Build a New Plant to Make its Future Hybrid Hypercars

Koenigsegg is planning to build a new factory in order to expand its operations in the coming years

  • The automaker’s production is limited by the capacity of its current factory

  • The new plant will be equipped to build hybrid and electric vehicles

  • An experience center will be offered to visitors

Koenigsegg, the small Swedish hypercar manufacturer, revealed plans for a new factory that will allow it to increase its production and adapt to making hybrid and electric powertrains.

The automaker’s current facility in Aengelholm, Sweden, is struggling to cope with the demand and it is becoming a limiting factor for the brand.

In order to be able to produce more vehicles and thus keep expanding, Koenigsegg is planning to build a brand-new factory on the same site.

This will not only help the car making side of the business, but also its engineering side, which began licensing some of its innovations, including the compact electric motor and integrated electric drive system it has developed for the Gemera.

The current buildings, four converted airplane hangars that once hosted an air force squadron from which the automaker’s ghost logo is derived, will be preserved and connected to the new facility.

The first model to roll off the new line will be the Gemera, the four-seater hybrid hypercar that was unveiled back in 2020.

Koenigsegg factory rendering
Koenigsegg factory rendering | Photo: Koenigsegg

The company is planning to make 300 units of the Gemera, which is about 3 times more than any of its previous models. The start of production has not been determined yet, but it could still be a number of years away if it has to wait for the new factory to be built.

The additions to the site will also include new office spaces, a showroom for the company’s vehicles a retail area and a customer lounge. An adjacent test-track will be used for prototype testing, pre-delivery checks and even customer test-drives.

An experience center will also be opened in order to attract visitors that are passionate about the brand even if they can’t necessarily afford its vehicles.

In order to help Koenigsegg reach its sustainability goals, this new plant will be fitted with solar panels that will provide some of the electricity needed for the manufacturing operations.

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