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News Lamborghini and Ducati Collaborate on Advanced Road Safety Communication System

Lamborghini and Ducati Collaborate on Advanced Road Safety Communication System

Lamborghini supports Ducati’s innovative motorbike-to-car communication system, aiming to elevate road safety through enhanced vehicle connectivity.


·      The Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) drives the development of motorbike-car connectivity systems for improved safety.

·      Lamborghini provided a Urus for Ducati’s use-case simulations to test the new communication system.

·      Ducati’s technology prototype displays warning signals to alert motorcyclists of potential dangers.


In a recent collaboration, Lamborghini teamed up with Ducati to develop a cutting-edge motorbike-to-car communication system, focusing on heightened safety standards for motorcyclists. Ducati, headquartered in Bologna, played a pivotal role at a demonstration held at Germany’s Lausitzring race track. Organized by the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC), the event showcased the advancements made in motorbike-car connectivity.

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

The CMC, an alliance of prominent two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers, was initiated in 2016 to incorporate motorbikes into the connected mobility landscape. While car manufacturers have been delving into Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication technologies for some time, CMC’s mission is to standardize information exchange between motorbikes and cars, considering the distinct dynamics motorbikes possess.

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

Ducati’s association with CMC from its inception has been instrumental. The members began by analyzing frequent and severe accidents between cars and motorbikes. This analysis pinpointed scenarios where enhanced connectivity could be most beneficial. A primary objective was to minimize system reaction times, as the ability to preemptively warn either party can significantly reduce accident risks.

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

To validate the system’s efficacy, Lamborghini facilitated Ducati’s research by supplying a Urus for practical testing. Ducati focused on three high-risk accident scenarios where motorbikes either remain hidden from oncoming vehicles or where motorcyclists lack clear visibility. In such contexts, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, supplemented with integrated sensors, promises to mitigate accident occurrences.

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Ducati, partnering with suppliers like Bertrandt for hardware and Nfiniity for software, introduced a prototype featuring an additional screen on the motorbike. This screen displays potential hazards, alerting the motorcyclist in real-time.

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

The demonstrations at Lausitzring, jointly executed by Ducati and Lamborghini, highlighted three cases: IMA (Intersection Movement Assist), LTA (Left Turn Assist), and DNPW (Do Not Pass Warning). Each case exemplifies specific traffic scenarios, whether it’s intersections with limited visibility or overtaking maneuvers, and demonstrates how the new communication system can alert either the motorist or motorcyclist of imminent dangers.

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

Lamborghini & Ducati safety connectivity | Photo : Lamborghini

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