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NewsLamborghini CTO Talks EV Feel. Says 0-100 Not Key

Lamborghini CTO Talks EV Feel. Says 0-100 Not Key

Electric Lambos about more than raw speed

  • CTO says feel will be king in EVs

  • Lamborghini will use own power electronics

What does Lamborghini plan for its electric cars? When sub-two-second runs to 100 km/h are commonplace? The company’s chief technical officer says the automaker will continue to make its cars about raw emotion rather than simple speed.

“New technology means new opportunities to excite people,” CTO Rouven Mohr told Autocar.

“But let me be clear: I don’t mean acceleration. Every EV can accelerate fast. You don’t take your car out on a Sunday for a drive to go from 0-100kph [0-62mph] in 1.9sec again and again. Maybe once or twice, but after that it’s boring.”

“Where we will focus is on the control of the car, how it reacts to inputs and more. I won’t talk about rivals by name, but I don’t think there’s an EV on the market today that does this well. All this talk about 0-100kph times is meaningless. Really meaningless. We want so much more from our cars at Lamborghini.”

Mohr repeated that character is essential to Lamborghini. That the car must make the driver the hero, not take center stage in the experience itself. He said that it will be important for the car to have a battery sized to allow performance but keep weight to a minimum. And that Lamborghini will need to offer consistent performance, not just power with a full pack.

To that end, the company will use much of its own hardware for electronics. Mohr said that this is needed to give the brand its character, though it will learn from what Volkswagen Group has done.

Lambo’s first EV is due in 2028, and Mohr says they’re still discussing the direction to take. “What we do know is that it will be more oriented to day-to-day use than our sports cars. The rest is still to come.”



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