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NewsLamborghini Still Considers Synthetic Fuels

Lamborghini Still Considers Synthetic Fuels

Lamborghini still believes in synthetic fuels to save the combustion engine.

In an interview with Tech Crunch, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann said that he was very interested in the development of synthetic fuels. According to him, these could save the internal combustion engines, the Sant’Agata firm which, let’s not forget, only has cars powered by big engines without any form of electrification… if we exclude the very rare Lamborghini Sián.

We already know that the next models of the carmaker will use a hybrid system to support the traditional mechanics of the brand. For example, the Aventador’s replacement will keep its V12 engine, but it will be teamed up with one or more electric motors and a battery pack to improve performance and, above all, to reduce the supercar’s energy footprint. The Huracan’s successor will also be electrified, with the next entry-level “Lambo” already confirmed to receive a powertrain with at least six cylinders. We can bet that engineers are already working on the development of this powertrain, which is eagerly awaited by Lamborghini aficionados.

Lamborghini‘s top man believes in the potential of synthetic fuels, which could save combustion engines, but all of this must first pass through legislation that will have to be modified to accept this alternative energy that is cleaner than fossil fuels.

On the other hand, if the idea of synthetic fuels doesn’t work, Lamborghini will switch to purely electric mode starting in 2030. Lamborghini’s first EV is expected to land on our roads somewhere in 2028 or 2029, in the form of a crossover. The Lamborghini Urus will be offered with a plug-in hybrid powertrain soon, along with the new redesigned version that will be unveiled soon. The curious elevated version of the Huracan, to be called Sterrato, will also be among the last cars to benefit from an all-thermal powertrain.

The next few campaigns will be decisive for Lamborghini’s future. Electricity is still in the plans, but synthetic fuels could change the game.

Source: TechCrunch


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