Tuesday, September 27, 2022
News Lamborghini will Make an Electric Urus, but Probably not in this Decade

Lamborghini will Make an Electric Urus, but Probably not in this Decade

Lamborghini says an electric Urus is inevitable, but it likely won't arrive before the end of this decade.

  • Lamborghini said that the Urus would be the best candidate for electrification in its lineup

  • The brand is committed to selling combustion engines as long as it legally can

  • The next Urus is planned for 2028

Lamborghini hinted at the possibility of making the Urus electric, but it was quick to point out that this is not likely to happen anytime soon.

The Italian Supercar maker recently revealed that the possibility of an electric vehicle wearing its logo is real, but lovers of performance EVs should not get their check books out quite yet.

Indeed, despite acknowledging the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the changing social perception towards gasoline powered vehicles, the brand said it is still committed to selling cars with combustion engines for as long as it legally can.

Lamborghini said that sooner or later, the Urus will become an EV, but it will not happen with the current model and possibly not even with its successor, which is still far away since it is planned for 2028.

There isn’t likely going to be another electric Lamborghini introduced sooner either, since the brand believes that the Urus is the best candidate for electrification in its lineup.

This is because the supercars made by Lamborghini are very much emotional products and buyers have associated the noise and the feelings of the V10 engines to the experience they expect from the brand. Replacing it for an electric powertrain means the cars will lose a large part of their appeal to the current set of buyers.

However, the brand is confident that future buyers will have different priorities and perceptions, which will facilitate an electric transition for more of its models.

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