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News Lamborghini Will Reveal the Concept Version of its First EV Next Week

Lamborghini Will Reveal the Concept Version of its First EV Next Week

A concept previewing the first electric Lamborghini model will be unveiled next week.

  • This first electric model will be a 2+2 crossover that will arrive on the market in 2028.

  • An electric version of the Urus will be added the following year.

  • Paired with two existing hybrid models, this will give Lamborghini four electrified models to offer by the end of the decade.

Lamborghini will unveil a new concept during the Monterey Car Week which will be held in California next week.

This concept will preview the brand’s first fully-electric model, a 2+2 crossover that is expected to launch in 2028.

Few details are known about this upcoming model for the moment, except that it will adopt the form of a high-riding GT crossover with four seats.

This model will take part of its inspiration from the Estoque sedan concept from 2008 that didn’t end up being produced, but instead of using a sedan body, it is likely to present as a 2+2 GT or a jacked-up coupe.

This last possibility is more likely than before according to the automaker’s CEO, since the popularity of ultra-luxury four-door sedans has been waning over the last decade.

To further its electrification efforts, Lamborghini is also working on an electric version of the next Urus SUV that will arrive in 2029.

Combined with the new Revuelto Plug-in hybrid supercar that will soon replace the Aventador, and the hybrid replacement for the Huracán that will be launched next year, this will give Lamborghini four electrified models to offer by the end of the decade.

The automaker chose to make its first two electric models crossovers since it believes family buyers are more likely to make the transition to electric power than the people who typically buy its traditional supercars.

By replacing the Aventador, Huracán, and Urus with plug-in hybrid models starting next year, the company expects to halve its CO2 emission levels between 2022 and 2025.

Starting off EV production with crossovers will also give Lamborghini more time to fine-tune the driving dynamics of its future electric supercars, which is important since electric powertrains can be made so powerful and responsive that many mass-market electric sedans and SUVs are now just as quick, if not quicker, than gasoline-powered supercars, which means companies like Lamborghini will need to find other ways for their products to stand out.

Source: Autocar

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