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NewsLamborghini's Sant'agta Home Celebrates 60 Years of Raging Bulls

Lamborghini’s Sant’agta Home Celebrates 60 Years of Raging Bulls

Lamborghini marks 60 years since it opened its first plant

  • 60 years of Lambo production a time to party

  • Plant has expanded significantly, but original remains

The Lamborghini factory has just turned 60. That marks 60 years since the tractor magnate got fed up with Enzo Ferrari and started production of his own sports cars. Cars that would change the landscape of the exotic sports car forever.

Ferruccio Lamborghini’s factory took just eight months to build, an astonishingly quick time. The plant was located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, not far from his hometown of Cento.

By 1966, Lamborghini had started building transmissions and differentials in its own factory. There were two assembly lines, one for those and one for car assembly. The offices for design and engineering spanned one wall of the plant.

In 1968, Lamborghini finished three new buildings. They gave the company more space as well as a modern and better-equipped test department. Important as the company moved from just 67 cars a year in 1965 to 425 by 1971. With the 400 GT, Islero, and, crucially, the Miura joining the line.

Lamborghini opened its first carbon fibre development department in 1983. The company brought in experts who had pioneered the composite on the Boeing 767. The Countach prototype they built was the first ever carbon chassis road car.

In 2000, Lamborghini was still building just 296 cars a year. Audi funded a new office building, new museum, and a new R&D area, as well as assembly line and canteen updates.

By 2006 these upgrades were already paying off and Lamborghini production hit 2,087.

The plant has continued to expand, adding new quality control stations, the Centro Stile customisation department, and a park that allows the company to work on improving sustainability and the local environment.

But through all those changes, and the addition of a third line for the Urus, that original road frontage – complete with Lamborghini sign on the roof – is still front and center for all those driving past.

So enjoy a photo roll of 60 years of the factory that bad customer service built.


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