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NewsLand Rover Planning Ultimate Performance Defender Octa For Later This Year

Land Rover Planning Ultimate Performance Defender Octa For Later This Year

Is this Land Rover's Raptor?

  • New V8 for Defender Octa

  • Octa comes with 6D suspension from Range Rover SV

There’s a hotter Defender coming. JLR has just teased the twin-turbo V8-powered Land Rover Defender Octa it says will be the most powerful Defender ever built.

Octa is Land Rover’s name for the model it’s calling the toughest and most capable (as well as most luxurious) vehicle in the Defender lineup.

Land Rover isn’t giving away all of the details, but here’s what we know: For it to be the most powerful Defender ever, it will have to beat the 518 hp of the supercharged 5.0 in the current Defender V8.

Since Land Rover is going to the trouble of turbochargers instead of a blower, this is most likely a different engine. If we had to guess, the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 fitted to the Range Rover would be the obvious choice. That BMW engine is capable of up to 617 hp, depending on where the company has put it.

The Defender Octa will also get the 6D Dynamics suspension from the Range Rover Sport SV. That trick chassis swaps traditional metal anti-roll bars with a hydraulic circuit that can deliver less pitch, less roll, and even better wheel articulation off road. We can also see Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac all-terrain tires and Brembo brakes in the images.

A new anme means a new logo. It’s not an eight-sided shape, but instead a square inside a circle. JLR calls it a diamond, though. It will be in a few places both outside and in.

The Defender Octa is currently being put through its paces in places like Sweden, Dubai, Moab, and the Nurburgring. The Defender Octa will be revealed in full later this year.


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