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NewsLeaked Docs Suggest 618 hp for Tesla Model 3 Performance

Leaked Docs Suggest 618 hp for Tesla Model 3 Performance

Big power increase rumoured

  • New rear motor boosts Model 3 performance

  • Expected to debut in May

Tesla fans are nothing if not adept at digging up information about the brand’s cars. The latest unearthed info suggests that the Model 3 Performance could be getting a big boost with a new rear motor and upwards of 600 hp.

The information was posted to X (formerly Twitter) by user eivissacopter (via Carbuzz). The poster showed charts from South Korea that indicate a new 303 kW electric motor for the rear axle. If true, that’s a significant upgrade. An extra 113 hp over the previous performance for a total of 618 hp instead of 505.

Per that same leak, the new motor will make peak power at higher speeds. 110 km/h instead of 75 km/h, meaning it will deliver its maximum performance at super-legal speeds.

There’s more to the story, of course. Total power for an EV isn’t just the sum of the peak of the front and rear motors. Different gear ratios and different motor power peaks could result in a maximum that’s lower or potentially even higher.

The quicker Tesla Model 3 is rumoured to gain the Ludicrous badge, too. That’s the name (stolen from the film Spaceballs) used on the quickest versions of the Model S. The new Model 3 is expected to arrive sometime in May.


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