Wednesday, October 27, 2021
News Lego's Goin Up The Country With T2 Camper Van Kit

Lego’s Goin Up The Country With T2 Camper Van Kit

Lego gets retro once again with VW

  • More modern VW Transporter joins Lego Lineup

  • Larger and more feature-filled than old T1 van kit

Ready for summer cruising and camping? So is Lego with its latest automotive kit. It’s a Volkswagen Type 2 Camper Van that comes with a surf board, folding chairs, and a pop-up roof all ready for you to chill.

The Lego kit is based on the iconic Volkswagen T2, the VW Bus that was transport and occasional home for hundreds of thousands of people looking to go far out, man. This kit isn’t Lego’s first microbus, but it does replace that previous T1 camper model.

With the replacement comes new features. The T2 van kit is larger, for a start, and comes in a new white over aqua paint colour. The sliding door on the side is new, as is the wrap-around windshield that replaces the split-windshield of the earlier T1 vans.

Lego has given this one working steering, though there’s no brick-cooled flat-four hiding out under the rear engine cover. It does have a kitchen, though, with opening cabinets, a sink, a fridge, and even a propane stove with a kettle ready for making tea.

The rooftop tent pops up for a minifig sleeping area or more headroom, and the rear bech seat folds for more sleeping just like the real thing. Lastly, it comes with a set of stickers for customisation that includes retro decals and US and German license plates. Or pair it with your Lego DeLorean and head down to the Lone Pine Mall.

“The Volkswagen Camper is a rare breed of vehicle that commands affection like few others, and we know the LEGO version will bring a lot of fun to people who’ve been lucky enough to have or go camping in one, or always wanted one,” said designer Sven Franic.

The Lego Volkswagen T2 goes on sale from August 1, with a price of U.S. $179.99 or $249.99 in Canada.


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