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News Lexus Brought its Upcoming Electric LFA Replacement to Goodwood

Lexus Brought its Upcoming Electric LFA Replacement to Goodwood

Lexus showed its concept for an upcoming supercar to the public at Goodwood.

  • Lexus has previously teased images of a future electric supercar

  • This model could be a spiritual successor to the LFA, which was discontinued in 2012

  • This model will not be a priority so it could arrive only around 2030

Lexus had a surprise in store for visitors of the Goodwood Festival of Speed since the brand brought over its concept for an upcoming electric supercar.

This model, which doesn’t have a name yet, has already been teased in a couple of pictures released a few months ago.

This supercar bears a resemblance to the Toyota Supra with its long hood and sloping roof that includes the trunk. Despite this likeness, the upcoming Lexus model will be more powerful and more exclusive than the Supra, since it will take the place left open in the Lexus lineup by the LFA ten years ago.

In order to live up to the reputation of the departed supercar, Lexus says to expect an acceleration time of less than 2 seconds between 0 and 60 mph (0 to 96 km/h). The range should also be impressive, with a targeted distance of 435 miles (700 kilometers) on a single charge.

The brand chose Goodwood to host this model’s public debut, but its next outing could be quite a few years away. Indeed, Lexus is giving priority to SUVs and more traditional products in its transition to an EV maker, which will begin with the new RZ450e.

This means that the production version of the Supercar concept could have to wait a long time before making its entrance on the performance EV scene, possibly only after 2030.

When it does reach the market, this Supercar could be pitted against models from Porsche and even Ferrari, like the LFA was. This means that its price tag could be close to the $445,000 the LFA was selling for 10 years ago in the United States.

Lexus electric supercar concept | Photo: Lexus


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