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NewsLexus RZ Yoke Pushed Back to 2025, Report

Lexus RZ Yoke Pushed Back to 2025, Report

RZ yoke not a joke, will be delayed

  • Lexus RZ Yoke needs some additional final touches

  • RZ will launch with conventional steering

Lexus is planning a yoke instead of a wheel on the upcoming RZ EV, but it appears that the fancy new steering system will be delayed. The calibration needs a little more refinement, the automaker says.

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” Sakiko Aono, Manager of Lexus Product Marketing told CarBuzz. The company says it is reliable and usable, but they want to make sure it is “perfect” before it reaches customers.

“There are certain points [when developing] a new, pioneering technology, sometimes you will feel like, is this really natural or not?” Yushi Higashiyama, assistant chief engineer on the RZ project said to CarBuzz. “That’s the kind of thing they [the engineers] are looking at. At this point right now, they want to refine it. Technically, they’re not ready… it’s not worthy [for release yet].”

Steer-by-wire is new by auto industry standards, and it’s also a tough thing to lock down. Lexus says it is essential to the performance and drivability of the Lexus RZ EV’s butterfly-style steering wheel. Steer-by-wire is being used by Lexus to smooth out excess road sway and to make sure you aren’t caught crossing hand over hand when trying to park.

The Tesla yoke does not use steer-by-wire and has seen negative reviews for it. The yoke on a conventional steering rack can leave the driver wrapped up like a pretzel in parking maneuvers.

This likely won’t delay the RZ. It will still offer a normal round wheel and power steering system. Expect the yoke wheel to launch in 2025, or possibly later, thanks to the longer development.




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