Sunday, May 22, 2022
News Lexus Showed More of its Electrified Sedan Concept

Lexus Showed More of its Electrified Sedan Concept

Lexus is working on an electrified compact sedan, possibly to replace the current IS

  • This sedan will likely be fully electric

  • The concept’s size and general shape mean it could be a replacement for the IS

  • This concept is part of many upcoming electrified Lexus vehicles

Lexus released more images of the Electrified Sedan concept which was unveiled among many other concepts over a month ago.

According to the images, this sedan seems to be fairly small, which means it could be the replacement for the current IS when it reaches the end of its product cycle in about four years.

The front-end slopes down quickly in front of the wheels and it features headlamps that are set back into a triangular area that extends into the fender. Below them, what appears to be a vent is placed vertically and reaches almost down to the bottom of the bumper. The brand’s traditional spindle-grille is not present for the first time in about a decade and instead, the black plastic part of the bumper reaches up to the middle of the fascia, where two large openings appear to be cut into it.

Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept | Photo: Lexus
Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept | Photo: Lexus

From the side, the profile of the Electrified Sedan shows a long hood and a short deck, the traditional proportions used on sports cars. The roofline has a pronounced curve to it and it ends at the ducktail spoiler at the rear, encompassing the rear window and the trunk. The door handles are flush with the body and there is a large crease that starts just behind the front wheel and then rises sharply up to the middle of the front door, where it slowly rises across both doors until it reaches the bottom of the rear quarter window.

The rear end features the brand’s new identification which is achieved by spelling Lexus is individual Chrome letters across the rear of the vehicle. On the Electrified Sedan, the letters are installed just below the ducktail spoiler. The rear lights are set in a large boomerang-shaped depression in the body, which is reminiscent of the Toyota BZ4X.

Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept | Photo: Lexus
Lexus Electrified Sedan Concept | Photo: Lexus

Despite its name implying it could be a plug-in hybrid, the Electrified Sedan is more likely to be a fully electric vehicle due to the lack of exhaust pipes and the implied aerodynamics of its look. No details have been revealed yet on its mechanical components, but it could share many of them with the RZ 450e, the brand’s first electric vehicle.

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