Monday, January 17, 2022
News Lexus Teased the RZ, its Upcoming Electric SUV

Lexus Teased the RZ, its Upcoming Electric SUV

Lexus teased its first electric model

  • Lexus released 3 teaser images and a video

  • The vehicle is billed as “electrified”, but it will likely be fully electric

  • The company currently doesn’t have an EV in North America

Lexus released 3 teaser images and a video of an upcoming SUV it will call RZ. This model had been first heard about when the company filed trademarks for the RZ 450e name a couple of months ago.

The “e” at the end of the name suggests this model will be fully electric, since hybrid powertrains at Lexus are designated “h” and plug-in hybrids are named “h+”, as with the new NX450h+.

The images show few details except the general shape of the profile and the roofline, while the video gives a better look at the rear and both the taillamps and the headlamps of the vehicle.

Lexus RZ teaser | Photo: Lexus

The general appearance of this SUV means it could be a more luxurious version of Toyota’s new BZ4X electric SUV, the first production EV of the automaker to reach our market.

The side profile is reminiscent of other Lexus models with its blacked-out C pillar that gives the impression of a floating roof and the front end seems to have the same general shape as the brand’s now famous spindle-grille. There appears to be a charging port on either side of the vehicle, just in before the front doors, but it is possible only one will be useable depending on the sales market.

The rear features a lightbar that includes the Lexus name spelled out in bloc letters instead of the “L” logo, similar to what can be seen on the new NX.

The name of this vehicle is slightly confusing, because it is the first time the letter “Z” is used as a model designation for Lexus, so its meaning is not yet understood. Since this is an SUV, the letter “X” should have been used as the second character, but since the RX already exists, this would not have been possible. There was some speculation that this could be a coupe-like SUV, as is increasingly popular, but the images seem to disprove this theory.

Lexus RZ teaser | Photo: Lexus

This model will be the very first all-electric Lexus vehicle to be sold on our side of the Atlantic, but not everywhere, since a zero-emissions version of the UX, called UX300e, is already sold in Japan and Europe.

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