Monday, June 5, 2023
News Lexus Teases Brand New TX Crossover

Lexus Teases Brand New TX Crossover

Lexus is finally getting a big three-row crossover

  • TX looks to be Lexus version of Toyota Grand Highlander

  • New model would slot in above RX-L

Something grand is happening at Lexus. An all-new model, an addition to the lineup called the Lexus TX.

The automaker isn’t saying much, this is about as vague of a teaser as is possible. But we’re pros, and so here’s what we believe and predict you can expect when the Lexus TX is fully revealed.

If you were hoping that Lexus might be bringing something that is sold elsewhere in the world to market here. Something that we were missing out on like one of the many variants of the Toyota Land Cruiser? Well, you’re going to be disappointed.

Lexus TX teaser superimposed over Toyota Grand Highlander | Photo: Evan Williams/Toyota/Lexus

This is going to be the Lexus version of the Toyota Grand Highlander. How can we tell? Overlay images of the two and they line up nearly perfectly.

Still, a real three-row model makes sense for Lexus. Something to compete with the likes of the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. While the Lexus LX is an impressive off-roader, it isn’t as large as those domestic barges. The Grand Highlander, on the other hand, is as big as Texas. Which might be where the TX name comes from.

The Grand Highlander is an all-hybrid large crossover that can actually seat adults in all three rows. Expect the Lexus TX to be more of the same but with a lot more comfort for those passengers, a spindle grille, and available Mark Levinson audio.

No word on when it will be revealed, but expect to see the 2024 Lexus TX sometime in June or earlier.


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