Sunday, May 22, 2022
News Lincoln Plans to Introduce Five Electric SUVs by 2026

Lincoln Plans to Introduce Five Electric SUVs by 2026

Lincoln is working on at least five electric SUVs that will be introduced by 2026

  • This means the company sped up its electrification plans, since only 4 SUVs were planned previously

  • The first one is planned to be unveiled later this year

  • The electric SUVs could all be built in Ontario

Lincoln is reportedly working on at least five electric SUVs that will be introduced by 2026, with the first one being unveiled later this year.

Ford is moving towards electrification rapidly, with a planned $30 billion investment in electric vehicles by the end of the decade. These plans naturally include the Lincoln brand, since its vehicles usually share a lot of their mechanical elements with Ford branded products.

The fact that five or more electric vehicles are set to be launched by 2026 means the initial plans for electrification have been bonified, since only four vehicles were planned and their arrival was set to be completed only for 2030.

The first SUV to arrive is said to be a large vehicle, about the size of the current Aviator. This model will be made in the company’s Oakville factory in Ontario, which will receive a $1.5 billion transformation to go from making gasoline powered vehicles (currently the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus) to building EVs.

Plans show that this vehicle will be unveiled later this year but its production will have to wait until the end of 2024.

The next models will be smaller vehicles, possibly based on a modified Mustang Mach-E platform and they should arrive closer to 2025 or 2026. These EVs could replace the compact Corsair and the mid-sized Nautilus in the lineup.

The full-size Navigator will also receive an electric counterpart, with a large luxury EV planned to enter production in 2026. This model will likely share its dedicated truck platform with the next generation of the Ford F-150 Lightning.

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