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News Lincoln Previews its Future Electric Models with the Star Concept

Lincoln Previews its Future Electric Models with the Star Concept

Lincoln unveiled the Star Concept, an electric SUV that shows what to expect from the brand in the next few years.

  • Lincoln will introduce four electric vehicles by 2026 in order to have half its sale volume be EVs by the middle of the decade

  • The general silhouette of the Star Concept resembles the Aviator

  • Inside, three moods can be set using lights, scents and sounds

Lincoln unveiled the Star Concept, a large electric SUV that previews the upcoming EVs that the brand will introduce by the middle of the decade.

Ford is working hard to develop electric vehicles and Lincoln, its luxury brand, is following close behind, with three EVs planned by 2025 and a fourth for 2026.

The automaker wants to have half of its sales by electric vehicles by 2025 and the Star Concept shows us what to expect from the brand in the coming years.

This concept shows a fairly large two row SUV with some futuristic design and engineering aspects.

Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln
Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Indeed, the exterior styling of the Star Concept is reminiscent of other Lincoln models, especially the Aviator, while bringing new elements that haven’t been see before. For example, the front fascia doesn’t feature a grille, but the smooth surface that is in its place looks to have a multitude of small Lincoln logos, similar to how the grille of current models look. This feature is replicated at the rear, under the lightbar that is, again, reminiscent of the Aviator.

Something totally new however, is the lattice pattern seen around the front of the hood and over the headlamps. Interestingly, the hood, the rear doors and the rear hatch all open in unconventional ways, with the front hood lifting straight up and the “grille part” pulling out like a drawer, the rear hatch featuring a part hinged upwards and another hinged downwards and the rear doors opening backwards. This last element is the one most likely to reach production, but even then, it would be surprising to see on an actual road going model.

Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln
Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Inside, the Star Concept is set up in a luxurious four passenger layout, with two deep bucket seats in the rear that are separated by a center console that seems to have a mini-fridge built in.

The dashboard is a very flat piece, with a large screen running almost the full width of the car. Lincoln says that three pre-set moods will be offered to the driver. These moods will be set with the help of the sound system, the ambient lights the center screen and a scent diffuser.

Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln
Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln

The automaker claims the moods have been developed according to the natural circadian rhythm, with Coastal Morning invoking an early stroll on a beach, Mindful Vitality being a more upbeat and invigorating atmosphere meant for mid-day and Evening Chill being a calming mood inspired by the night.

When the vehicle is stopped, the front seats can swivel around to face the rears and form an airy lounge, thanks to the glass roof and the hardtop-like design of the doors, which don’t have a center pillar.

Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln
Lincoln Star Concept | Photo: Lincoln

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