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News Lincoln Unveils the Model L100 Concept to Celebrate its Past and Preview...

Lincoln Unveils the Model L100 Concept to Celebrate its Past and Preview its Future

Lincoln unveils a concept for an autonomous, electric sedan that previews its future styling direction.

  • 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the purchase of Lincoln by Ford

  • This concept shows a large electric sedan that previews many design elements that could make it to production

  • The concept shows the brand’s vision for autonomous vehicles

Lincoln is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its entry into the Ford Motor Company by launching a new concept called Model L100.

This sleek sedan is the brand’s vision of autonomous vehicles and it previews the design language that will be seen on its actual production vehicles in the next few years.

Indeed, the Lincoln Model L100 Concept adopts a style that is related to the appearance of the Star Concept that was revealed a while back. This means that the large sedan features flowing lines that emphasize its length and give an impression of speed.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Another detail shared with this previous concept is the unconventional door arrangement. In this case, almost the entire side of the car hinges at the rear to create the two side doors while the roof lifts up from the windshield frame to ease entry.

Starting where the hood would be on a conventional car, a large strip of glass runs to the other end of the vehicle, which means the entire middle section of the car is see-through.

In a profile view, the Model L100 Concept appears to have a fastback design similar to the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq, with which this model could compete directly if a production version follows.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

For now, this is clearly a concept since it showcases many new technologies that are still a long way from making it to production.

This is most evident inside, where the cabin looks nothing like any current vehicle since there is no steering wheel. Instead, the driver can control the vehicle by using a small controller located in the center of the vehicle.

The intended purpose, however, is for this vehicle to be entirely autonomous, which is why the front seats can transform to create a sort of lounge on wheels where the front and rear passengers are seated face-to-face.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

The floor of the cabin is a large screen that can display patterns that look vaguely like marble in a wide range of colours that harmonize with sounds, smell, and touch, according to the automaker.

Following a recent trend in electric cars, this concept makes use of many sustainable materials by forgoing leather in favour of recycled suede fabric and frosted acrylic instead of chrome.

Since this model is also a nod to the company’s past, its name harkens back to the very first model launched by Lincoln after having been made into the luxury brand of the Ford Motor Company: The Model L of 1922.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

In addition, a hood ornament in the form of a crystal greyhound can be seen through the glass hood. This ornament was originally chosen by Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford himself, back in the 1920s.

This concept was unveiled today for the first time at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where Lincoln is the featured brand this year.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Model L100 Concept | Photo: Lincoln

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