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News Lucid Aims for Affordable $50K EV to Compete in Tesla Territory

Lucid Aims for Affordable $50K EV to Compete in Tesla Territory

Lucid Motors plans to introduce a cost-effective electric vehicle priced around $50,000, targeting Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y market.


·      Lucid Motors plans to introduce an affordable electric vehicle around $50,000 to compete with Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y.

·      CEO Peter Rawlinson emphasizes the importance of efficiency in driving EV adoption and even envisions a $25,000 EV in the future.

·      Lucid’s strategy aims to balance cost-effectiveness, technological advancement, and charging infrastructure considerations.


Lucid, an emerging player in the electric vehicle industry, is strategizing to directly challenge Tesla’s popularity with its upcoming electric car priced at approximately $50,000. CEO Peter Rawlinson, in an interview with ABC News, discussed the brand’s ambition to accelerate EV adoption through efficient vehicle designs.

Lucid Air | Photo: Charles Jolicoeur

Rawlinson emphasized the significance of affordable EVs with efficient batteries, asserting that these options could prompt American drivers to transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs more readily. He acknowledged the intangible appeal of electric cars, citing attributes like the road feel, responsive steering, and instant torque as factors in the decision -making process of transitioning to an EV.

Lucid Air Touring | Photo: Lucid Motors

Despite currently offering premium models, like the Air Pure starting at $82,400 U.S., Rawlinson expressed a commitment to manufacturing more budget-friendly EVs. He noted that his primary goal is not to create exclusive luxury cars but to develop accessible alternatives that cater to a broader market.

Lucid Air Pure | Photo: Lucid Motors

Lucid’s CEO outlined the company’s goal to target a price point of approximately $50,000 U.S., positioning the EV right in competition with Tesla’s popular Model 3 and Model Y. While Rawlinson expressed interest in achieving even lower prices, he stated that the company’s current resources and timeline would limit reaching that level until the mid to late decade.

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Rawlinson indicated that Lucid’s technological advancements will be pivotal in unlocking enhanced efficiency, thereby reducing costs. The long-term vision is to ultimately facilitate the production of a $25,000 electric car, a goal aligned with ongoing technological innovations.

Lucid Gravity Teaser | Photo: Lucid Motors

Regarding charging infrastructure, Rawlinson revealed that a significant portion of Lucid’s customers charge their vehicles at home overnight. He emphasized that most drivers rarely exceed 500 miles a day, implying that, for the majority, home charging would suffice. With the expansion of charging networks, he anticipates that EVs will require shorter ranges, around 150 miles, as mature infrastructure would facilitate charging convenience.

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