Monday, October 25, 2021
News Lucid Air: Production Begins in Arizona

Lucid Air: Production Begins in Arizona

The first units of the Lucid Air luxury electric sedan have rolled of the assembly line yesterday

  • Production of the Lucid Air Dream Series began on September 28 in Casa Grande Arizona

  • The Lucid Air offers up to 520 miles (836 kilometers) of range

  • Deliveries are expected to begin in October

Lucid Motors has begun production of its Lucid Air sedan yesterday in its factory in Casa Grande Arizona in front of the State governor, the media and other guests.

The first 520 cars to roll of the line will be Dream Edition vehicles, the most expensive trim, that was originally limited to 500 units before the company decided to build 20 more cars in order to match its record-breaking official EPA range of 520 miles (836 kilometers).

Since the 500 Dream Edition cars were all ordered, the twenty additional vehicles will go to customers that were on the waiting list.

The Lucid Air is a luxury electric sedan that is destined to compete with the Tesla Model S Plaid, despite its price range which begins at around $6,000 more and ends close to $40,000 higher for the Dream Edition in the United States.

The company is confident the increased range will be enough to steal sales from the Tesla, which has very slightly better performance than the Dream Edition P version of the Lucid Air.

All versions of the Lucid Air benefit from an EPA range that is higher than the Long-Range Tesla’s (the previous record holder) by at least 46 miles (74 kilometers) and at best 115 miles (185 kilometers)

Lucid is expecting deliveries to begin in October, but the company hasn’t provided a timeframe by which all of the 13,000 orders currently on record could be fulfilled.

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