Friday, March 24, 2023
News Lucid, Electrify Canada Giving Buyers 2 Years Free Charging

Lucid, Electrify Canada Giving Buyers 2 Years Free Charging

Free power for fast Air

  • Free fast charging at up to 350kW

  • Offer open to all who reserve by end of June

Electrify Canada and Lucid Motors have just announced that buyers of the Lucid Air electric sedan will get two years of free charging if they reserve a car by June 30th.

The Lucid Air is a new luxury EV that is coming to Canadian roads. Already on sale in the U.S., the model currently tops the Natural Resources Canada range charts by offering up to 837 km on a single charge.

The Air is also capable of charging up at more than 350 kW, and Electrify Canada’s fast-charge stations are some of the only places to get that much juice. On a 350 kW charger, drivers will be able to add 350 km of range in about 15 minutes. Making the process quicker and easier, the cars and the charge station will offer Plug&Charge, meaning that instead of an app and billing account to initiate the session owners can just plug in and the session will start automatically.

Any customer who makes their reservation by the end of June will qualify for the two years of complimentary charging. Electrify Canada currently has 30 charging stations and expects to have more than 100 by 2025. The stations also offer overhead canopies and are located near amenities.

“We are excited to work with Electrify Canada given the quality and reliability of its charging network and plans to expand across Canada,” said Zak Edson, vice president, sales and service at Lucid. “By combining our groundbreaking battery technology with Electrify Canada’s ultra-fast charging speeds, we will provide our customers with a premium electric driving experience.”


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