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NewsLucid is Now Testing the Gravity Electric SUV on U.S. Roads

Lucid is Now Testing the Gravity Electric SUV on U.S. Roads

The Lucid Gravity could be nearing production since prototypes are now being tested on public roads.

  • This will be the second model from the young American automaker.

  • The SUV appears to share much of its design cues with the Air sedan.

  • Lucid says the Gravity will have a longer range than any other electric SUV on the market.

After having produced the Air luxury electric sedan for over a year already, Lucid Motors is getting ready to launch its second model, the Gravity SUV.

Few details are known about this upcoming vehicle at the moment, but the company confirmed road testing has now begun in the United States.

The press release contained two pictures that give a good idea of what to expect from the Gravity by showing both the front and rear ends of a lightly camouflaged prototype.

From what can be seen this model will have a similar look to the Air sedan, with full-width light bars front and rear and fluid overall lines.

The SUV is obviously much taller than the sedan, which will allow seven passengers and their luggage to fit comfortably inside, according to Lucid.

Also according to the company, the Gravity will have the driving dynamics of a sports car and more range than any other electric SUV currently on the market.

Lucid Gravity road tests | Photo: Lucid Motors

This is not very surprising since the Lucid Air currently holds the record for the longest EV range ever in a production car, with an official figure of 830 kilometres on a charge.

Since the Gravity is likely to share its mechanical elements with the sedan, this means it could also be the most powerful production electric SUV on the market since the Air Grand Touring delivers 1,050 horsepower to the ground.

In addition, Lucid could choose to offer a Sapphire edition as it does on the Air, potentially pushing the output up as far as 1,200 horsepower.

As the second model in the lineup, the Lucid Gravity will also introduce new technologies such as the Glass Cockpit high-resolution displays that will run the next generation of the company’s infotainment software.

The automaker hasn’t given a timeframe for the Gravity’s launch, but it had previously said to expect deliveries to start in 2024.


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