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NewsLucid Launches its Second Recall, due to Inoperative Display Screens

Lucid Launches its Second Recall, due to Inoperative Display Screens

Lucid is recalling 1,117 of the Air electric luxury sedan due to a problem with the wiring harness of its interior displays.

  • The wiring harness for the two display screens could get damaged and render the screens unusable

  • The repair could take up to 8 hours

  • The Lucid Air has been recalled in February for a suspension problem

Lucid Motors, maker of the Lucid Air electric luxury sedan, have announced a second recall affecting 1,117 units of the EV, this time due to a risk of the display screens becoming inoperative.

This problem is apparently caused by the wiring harness used to supply power and information to the driver information screen and the infotainment screen, which are mounted in the same pod on top of the instrument panel.

The harness can chafe on the steering shaft of the affected vehicles since it is too long for the vehicle and the excess length of wire has not been secured properly at the factory.

According to the automaker, only about 1% of the recalled vehicles will present a chafed harness and the fix has already been made to every vehicle produced since May 4th 2022.

Chafing of the harness can lead to a loss of ethernet data to the screens, causing it to turn black or to stop updating. This can be dangerous since the driver information screen displays the vehicle’s speed as well as its gear selection indicator and its warning lights.

As part of the recall, service centers will inspect the vehicles and if the harness is found to be in good condition, technicians will use tie-wraps and other fasteners to secure the wires away from the steering shaft and owners can expect to be in and out of the shop in around half and hour.

If the harness is found to be damaged however, it will have to be replaced, an operation that can take up to 8 hours.

In order to prevent this from happening again, Lucid is reportedly looking at solutions with its suppliers in order to make the wiring harness a little bit shorter, enough so that it doesn’t reach the steering shaft even without the additional fasteners.


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