Friday, May 27, 2022
News Lucid Motors Launched its First Ever Recall

Lucid Motors Launched its First Ever Recall

Lucid is recalling its vehicles for the first time ever due to a problem in the front suspension

  • The electric automaker began production of its first model last September

  • 203 units of the Air Dream Edition are affected

  • A front suspension component could have been manufactured incorrectly

Lucid Motors, a start up electric automaker which only began production of its first model 5 months ago, launched its first ever recall.

This campaign affects 203 units of the Lucid Air electric performance sedan, which could have received improperly manufactured front suspension strut dampers.

This problem is reportedly caused by a manufacturing error by the parts manufacturer. The snap ring which is located below the spring seat could have been installed backwards, which could lead to the front suspension suddenly collapsing.

This could cause an accident since the front of the vehicle would then be dragging on the ground. Damage to the brake lines could also occur, again increasing the risk of an accident.

The automaker claims to be unaware of any accidents occurring due to this issue and it estimates that only about 1% of the 203 vehicles recalled actually have a defective strut, meaning only 2 or 3 in total.

The affected vehicles are all part of the limited Dream Edition, of which 520 units have been made to commemorate the car’s record for the longest EV range.

Owners have received an email telling asking them to have their car inspected by a Lucid Studio or service location, a procedure that should take about an hour. If its is determined that one or both of the front struts have to be replaced, the procedure could then take up to four hours to complete, at no cost to the owner.

Following the announcement of this recall, the automaker’s shares lost 5% of their value on the stock market.


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