Sunday, October 17, 2021
News Lucid Motors to launch DreamDrive, rival to Tesla Autopilot

Lucid Motors to launch DreamDrive, rival to Tesla Autopilot

Lucid will introduce a driver assistance feature on its Air and Gravity models

  • Lucid Motors will launch its driver assistance system called DreamDrive

  • Two versions will be available, with or without Lidar

  • This is not a handsfree systems, at least for now.

Lucid Motors wants to compete in the luxury electric vehicle segment, where autonomous driving features are very important for consumers. This is why Lucid is introducing its DreamDrive driver assistance features.

The base system will make use of 32 sensors, out of which will 14 visible-light cameras, five radars, four surround view cameras and multiple ultrasonic sensors. Lucid believes this system will be better than the ones offered by the competition, and an upgraded system with an additional LIDAR will be available.

Working together with the highway assist that keeps the car centered in its lane and driving along at speeds, a traffic jam mode can be engaged under 40 mph to take care of slow speed driving duties.

Since these systems are not hands free, Lucid will install sensors to detect hands on the steering wheel and to make sure the driver pays attention to the road.

If a driver is unresponsive, possibly due to a medical condition, the car will turn on the hazard lights, come to a stop and emit a loud noise. It will also set the parking brake and unlock the doors to allow access to paramedics.

To make city driving easier, an automated parking system will take care of parking duties, both parallel and perpendicular. This system also includes a feature which will point the wheels towards or away from the curb when the car is parked on a hill, depending on the inclination.

Hands free operation will be added to the DreamDrive Pro system (the one equipped with the LIDAR) in future over-the-air-updates since the cars optioned with it already have all of the hardware needed.

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