Tuesday, May 24, 2022
News Lunaz Restores and Electrifies Classic Sports Cars

Lunaz Restores and Electrifies Classic Sports Cars

Lunaz is converting some of the most exclusive classic cars to electric power

  • The company brings classic cars in the modern age by swapping their drivetrain and adding new features

  • The Aston Martin DB6 has been added to the catalogue

  • The cost of the Lunaz treatment on a DB6 is over $ 1million USD

For a few years now, electric conversions of classic cars have been gaining in popularity as a way to continue to enjoy old cars in a more environmentally friendly way.

Lunaz is a british company that specialises in restoring and electrifying exclusive classics from many makes, including Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Range Rover and Rolls-Royce.

Naturally, these cars are very expensive and the bare-metal restoration, followed by a complete reengineering is not cheap either, which is why the asking price for a car coming out of Lunaz’s Silverstone factory is usually north of $ 1million USD.

For that price, customers can expect to receive a concourse-level car that has had every imperfection in the body rectified by hand, as well as an electric powertrain that is entirely bespoke, not lifted out of a damaged Tesla as is often the case with these types of companies.

Aston Martin DB6 by Lunaz | Photo: Lunaz

Owners can choose to have their car restored to be exactly how it left the factory (except for the drivetrain, of course) since the company has access to the original build sheets of the brands it supports, or they can choose to have it customised as they wish, with bespoke paints and materials, even vegan leather and carpets made of recycled fishing nets if they want to be more eco-conscious.

Lunaz also adds modern convenience features in the cars it rebuilds, such as wifi connectivity, air conditioning and infotainment systems with navigation.

The latest model to be offered for conversion by the company is the Aston Martin DB6, 1,967 units of which have been produced between 1965 and 1970.

This model joins the DB4 and DB5 which are also available from Lunaz, albeit in very limited numbers.

The conversion of a DB6 is made by the installation of a battery sourced from European manufacturers that supply known automakers. This battery’s capacity is between 80 kWh and 120 kWh, as is the case with every other car worked on by Lunaz.

This should give a DB6 a range of 255 miles (410 kilometers), although the testing cycle hasn’t been specified, so EPA range could be lower.

To accompany the added performance provided by the electric propulsion, the brakes, suspension and steering are updated with modern components that make the car safer and easier to drive.

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