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NewsMagna Announces Ram HD Trucks Getting Sweet New Rear-View Mirror Display

Magna Announces Ram HD Trucks Getting Sweet New Rear-View Mirror Display

Look around that trailer on your rear view mirror

  • ClearView combines side and rear-facing cameras on mirror display

  • Can also be used with a trailer-mounted camera

It’s not often we see a new vehicle feature announced by a supplier and not the manufacturer, but that’s exactly the case this time. Canadian auto supplier Magna has just announced its trick new ClearView digital mirror has made its production debut on the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 pickups.

A digital mirror itself is nothing new. GM pioneered the technology, which uses an extra high-definition camera mounted in the rear of the vehicle and a display that lives inside the traditional glass rear view mirror.

What makes the ClearView system different is the addition of two mirror-mounted cameras that now also show up on the screen. So you get three views, all offering much wider fields of view, where you would have traditionally had just one mirror view.

The ClearView system uses a camera mounted to the center brake light on the cab, as well as one in each side mirror. That lets you see “through” passengers in the cab and cargo in the box, while the side cameras reduce blind spots and let you see more clearly around a trailer.

It can be combined with an optional and semi-portable trailer camera that can let you see behind your trailer for an even better view while driving.

Magna says the new system can help reduce blind spot accidents and improve safety thanks to better visibility. The company says it should also help make parking and maneuvering easier. The mirror is not yet listed on the Ram Trucks website for pricing and availability info.



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