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News March 2022 Saw 60% More Plug-in Cars Selling Globally Than March 2021

March 2022 Saw 60% More Plug-in Cars Selling Globally Than March 2021

The global market share of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles keeps growing, with 60% more of them being sold in March 2022 than in March 2021.

  • 851,489 electric and PHEV cars sold around the world in the month of March alone

  • This accounts for 15% of all cars sold during that period

  • The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are the two best selling EVs, followed by five Chinese models

The number of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles sold around the world keeps growing and these two types of vehicles accounted for 15% of all of the cars and light trucks sold around the world in March of this year.

Data shows that 851,489 EVs and PHEVs have been registered around the globe in that particular month, which is a 60% increase over March 2021.

Of this number, around 624,000 were fully electric vehicles, which is an 81% increase year-over-year and gives them an 11% market share. Plug-in hybrids were a bit less popular, with a market share of only 4%, but their 227,000 registrations are still a 19% improvement over March 2021.

Selling even better than these two types were self-contained hybrids (those that cannot be charged with a cable), which scored 832,000 sales and accounted for about 15% of the global market on their own. This type of powertrain is losing steam however, since sales increased only 1% over last year.

Nonetheless, this means that around 30% of every vehicle sold around the world in March were electrified in some way.

When looking at the first three months of the year, the number of EVs and PHEVs sold jumps to 1,997,348, which is about double the number sold over the same period in 2021. This represents around 11% of the global market.

There again, fully-electric vehicles are the most popular, with 1.44 million sold compared to PHEVs, which sold 0.56 million.

It is no surprise that Tesla is the most popular EV maker, with the Model Y being the best-selling electric vehicle on the planet with 169,682 units sold in the first quarter of 2022, just ahead of the Model 3, which shifted 127,936 units.

All of the other 10 best-selling EVs are Chinese models not sold in North America with the exception of the Volkswagen ID.4, which finished in 8th place with 29,444 deliveries.

2022 Volkswagen ID.4 | Photo: Volkswagen

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