Monday, January 17, 2022
News Maserati Reveals First Images of MC20 Convertible

Maserati Reveals First Images of MC20 Convertible

Sky's the limit for MC20 Cabrio

  • Drop top MC20 in sky-clad camouflage

  • MC20 convertible expected next year

On the first day of winter, Maserati has given us a look at their latest offering. A convertible, of course, the open-top edition of the MC20 is showcased in prototype form covered in a new cloud-inspired camouflage to honour that it will let you see plenty of sky out of the roof. But not until things warm up.

The camouflage does a pretty good job of hiding the changes Maserati has made to create the MC20 convertible. Some lines are visible near the top of the car, likely where the roof pivots and folds to disappear under the rear panel. On the other hand, with a black roof already, the Maserati MC20 coupe already looks much like a convertible with its roof open.

The car is expected to arrive sometime early next year, and it might wear the Cabrio badge as per the photos. It seems more likely, though, to get a Spider badge more in tune with the rest of Maser’s offerings.

Under the skin? Most likely the 621 hp racing-derived 3.0L Nettuno V6 from the coupe as well as the same carbon chassis and mid-engine layout. Expect weight slightly higher than the 1,500 kg expected for the coupe thanks to the roof mechanism and possibly some extra stiffening.


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