Monday, January 17, 2022
News Mate Rimac Teases Four New Bugatti Rimac Models

Mate Rimac Teases Four New Bugatti Rimac Models

Rimac makes new years announcement

  • Covered cars shown in New Years’s announcement

  • First customer Nevera deliveries this year

Mate Rimac is here with a New Year’s greeting, and in the video, he updates the progress of the company and teases some new cars. He describes them as the first Bugatti Rimac collaboration vehicles, and while they’re shrouded, they certainly show some interesting possibilities.

Rimac the man is the founder and CEO of Rimac the car company, and he’s also the person in charge of Bugatti Rimac, the new company created when the hypercar company and electric upstart joined forces.

Look closely at around 28 seconds into the video and you can see what’s best described as a timeline of the two brands. It shows renderings of some classic Bugattis on the left, the Chiron and Veyron in the middle, and the Rimac Concept_One and Nevera just beside.

On the far right are the four shrowded models, described as being what’s coming out of the collaboration in the years to come.

One looks like a track car of some sort, with a tail fin and large rear wing, the second appears to be more of a conventional hypercar silhouette, and one barely enters the frame on the right. IT’s the one almost fully visible at the top of the frame that has our attention. What appears to be an open-wheel or at least separate fender open-top car in the style of Bugatti’s original racing cars. Could a continuation car with electric power be in the wings?

Rimac also said that it will be adding dealerships this year and that customers would begin taking delivery of their Neveras shortly.

When will we see the first collaborations without a cover? Rimac says that it could happen as early as this year


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