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NewsMazda Believes Synthetic Fuels Should Coexist with Electric Vehicles

Mazda Believes Synthetic Fuels Should Coexist with Electric Vehicles

Mazda is working on synthetic fuels, which it believes will complement electric vehicles

  • E-fuels are not fossil fuels, so they are more sustainable and create less pollution

  • The advantages and disadvantages of both technologies could complement each other

  • The company believes global carbon neutrality could be achieved quicker by mixing e-fuels and electric cars rather than banning combustion engines.

Mazda believes the way to carbon neutrality doesn’t require a ban on combustion engine. The company is working on developing e-fuels.

E-fuels are a synthetic alternative to fossil fuels that are created in laboratories and are therefore sustainable. These fuels also contribute to reducing tailpipe emissions, although not eliminating them completely.

The major advantage of these fuels is that they can be used as drop-in fuels, meaning they can be added to regular gasoline and used in any regular gasoline powered engine, which could massively reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, without needing the global vehicle fleet to be renewed entirely.

According to Mazda, this could greatly reduce worldwide emissions and help countries reach carbon neutrality much faster than using only electric vehicles.

Mazda believes that banning the combustion engine and betting everything on electric power is a wrong decision since it limits the different technologies that can be used to reduce emissions and it doesn’t directly address the problem.

The company asks governments to consider well-to-wheel emissions instead on focussing only on tailpipe emissions and subsidise alternative fuels initiatives.

Mazda says e-fuels are on the way to reach price equality with regular gasoline by 2030, which would make them a financially viable alternative for drivers everywhere who don’t have the money to replace their older car and those who simply don’t want to.


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