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NewsMazda Denies Rumours of an Upcoming RWD, Six-Cylinder Mazda 6

Mazda Denies Rumours of an Upcoming RWD, Six-Cylinder Mazda 6

Mazda is working on a new RWD platform, but a future Mazda 6 based on it is not in the plans, despite rumours.

  • Since 2017, rumours have said that the company planned a RWD Mazda 6

  • The brand’s European arm shot down the rumours about this car and a possible coupe based on the same platform

  • Executives say the brand needs to focus on SUVs

Many rumours have been circulating about the future of Mazda and especially the Mazda 6 midsize sedan, but the automaker has now put an end to most of them by confirming that a new, rear-wheel drive Mazda 6 will not be produced after all.

Mazda is in the process of introducing a new platform, designated Large Architecture, on which will be built its larger models, such as the upcoming CX-70 and CX-90 SUVs.

This new platform will feature longitudinally mounted engines in order to offer a predominantly rear-wheel drive feel, despite having an all-wheel drive system. The other particularity of this platform is that it was planned to accept a new generation of inline-six-cylinder engines that has been developed by Mazda, as well as a plug-in hybrid powertrain that could deliver up to 323 horsepower.

These characteristics, combined with a few design concepts by the automaker have given grounds for enthusiasts to speculate about a possible revival of the Mazda 6 in a sportier form. The rumours also talked about a luxury coupe model based on the same platform that was to be called RX-9.

In the same interview with Autocar, Mazda’s European boss of engineering and development shot down the hopes to see both of these vehicles on the road by saying that despite the company’s desire to build them, the market is not in favor of these types of vehicles anymore.

This is why according to him, Mazda will concentrate on the sales of SUVs, which have been its major source of revenue for many years.

This means we are unlikely to see the Mazda 6 return in any form to the North American market, even without the six-cylinder engine or the RWD platform.


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