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NewsMazda MX-5 Goes Further Off-Road Than Most Jeeps, Is More Fun on...

Mazda MX-5 Goes Further Off-Road Than Most Jeeps, Is More Fun on the Way

MX-5 hits the serious trails

  • Miata owner puts big rubber on stock car and hits the trail

  • The answer really is always Miata

Miata is always the answer is a common (and a bit tired) joke in the car world, because the car is so versatile as a fun weekend driver or a daily commuter, and it’s perfectly capable on the racetrack as needed. What about when you want to go off-road? This Mazda MX-5 was fitted with some all-terrain tires and then taken down some serious off-road trails in Colorado.

The MX-5’s owner, Joel Gat, posted the photos to Facebook earlier this week. Gat took his RF Miata to Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge, at 11,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado.

“Miata is always the answer,” Gat told Grassroots Motorsports. “I travel to a lot of mountain events and trailheads, and I prefer to have something fun to drive. What good is a fun Miata for 90% of the trip if it won’t take me the last 10% of the way, though?”

The Mazda MX-5 had a completely stock suspension as it crawled over some seriously gnarly obstacles on the trail. Gat fitted 205/70R16 Falken WildPeak tires for grip and durability. He also removed the factory side skirts and “clearanced the fenders with a hammer.”

“Off-roading a Miata requires a little finesse–and pre-walking river crossings to make sure they’re not too deep,” Joel explained to GRM. He added that momentum was important to progress because “when I’m off-roading, I have to balance the need for momentum–because rear-wheel drive doesn’t have great grip–with the need to not slam the bottom of the car into every rock and hard surface.”

It sounds like a fun trip. We imagine seeing the looks of Jeepers on the trail was the best part of the entire adventure.



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