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NewsMazda Planning 35th Anniversary MX-5

Mazda Planning 35th Anniversary MX-5

Mazda planning gold for 35 years of Miata

  • Expect cool special colour to mark the occasion

  • Program boss says no limit this time

It’s the 35th anniversary of everyone’s favourite tiny modern sports car. The Mazda MX-5 turns 35 this year, and that means it’s time for a special edition. We’re expecting something cool.

Last month, speaking at the 2024 Karuizawa Meeting, MX-5 program manager Shigeki Saito talked about the upcoming special (via CarBuzz). He said that it would only be built for a short time, but said that it would not be limited in volume. So you should be able to actually get one, should you want it.

Like prior anniversary model MX-5s, the 35th is expected to get a special paint job. Last time around, we got the traffic cone shade of Racing Orange, along with Rays wheels. That model had special shocks and brakes, too, so here’s hoping for similar upgrades this time.

Saito hinted at gold for the 35th Anniversary car. He said that organizers would need a gold pen, saying “a color that has gold in it, and oh, this is a hint,” suggesting that he would sign the car in a matching colour.

The 30th anniversary edition was limited to 3,000 copies worldwide, though Mazda eventually built a few extra after the massive demand. That’s why Saito said that this time, it wouldn’t be limited by volume. Of course, no volume limit could mean that the upgrades will be less substantial. Mazda won’t want to be stuck with a load of extra parts for cars; it didn’t need to build, and it won’t want to run out while customer orders and deposits have already been taken.



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