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NewsMazda Shows New Inline Six, Will Offer Gas and Diesel Options

Mazda Shows New Inline Six, Will Offer Gas and Diesel Options

Inline six from Mazda revealed

  • Same architecture will offer gas, diesel, and Skyactiv-X

  • Set for longitudinal mounting, likely in Mazda6

Buried in an investor presentation made yesterday, Mazda has shown off its inline-six engine, along with a four-cylinder and PHEV drivelines. Though the engine made a visual appearance, it won’t be available for at least a couple of years, ready to hit market after 2022.

Even more impressively, Mazda said that the engine will be available in gas and diesel forms, says Auto Express, as well as offering the automaker’s Skyactiv-X compression-ignition gas system. We’re not sure how exactly the same architecture can be used for both fuel types, jokes about GM’s 80s car diesel engines aside, and Mazda wasn’t exactly forthcoming during the presentation.

We do know that all-wheel drive will be offered, and the engine will be mounted longitudinally. A good plan since while transverse I6’s aren’t unheard of, they aren’t conducive to driving dynamics and tight turning circles.

We’re expecting that the next version of the Mazda 6 sedan will get that engine, helping to move the car further upmarket and letting it better compete with the likes of Kia’s Stinger or even the BMW 3 Series. The car could face an uphill climb as sedan sales dwindle and SUV sales climb. Still, a CX model using the same driveline would serve a similar effect.

Mazda previewed the six alongside an inline-four that offers 48V mild hybrid tech, which would make sense in most of the automaker’s vehicles. There was also a PHEV driveline shown, which again could show up in many of Mazda’s models to help lower the company’s fleet CO2 emissions.


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