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NewsMcLaren Artura Spider Gets 690 hp, Corolla Hybrid Economy

McLaren Artura Spider Gets 690 hp, Corolla Hybrid Economy

Lids off for the latest Macca

  • Artura loses its roof but gets even sharper

  • McLaren makes a host of improvements for 2025

McLaren has just made its first high-performance hybrid convertible. The top has come off the Artura to create a 690 hp car with 33 km of range and a theoretical ability to get Prius-matching fuel economy.

Ok, you’re never ever going to get the WLTP rating of 4.8 L/100 km when you drive this car. Because that’s not really the point. The point of the McLaren Artura Spider is to enjoy the 3.0L V6 and e-motor powertrain’s 690 hp with an open top.

The Spider is more than just an Artura coupe that can open or close in 11 seconds, though. McLaren has updated the car to make the performance even better.

Start with a new transmission calibration. The Artura Spider’s eight-speed can swap gears 25 percent more quickly than could the coupe.

McLaren has powered up the shocks, too. The Proactive Damping Control suspension can react 90 percent more quickly, letting it better respond to driver input as well as changes at the road surface.

There is also a new exhaust. McLaren wanted to make sure the driver could hear the engine and said that the new sound “envelops” the driver. Especially with that top down.

Aerodynamic improvements include more cooling airflow to the engine and less occupant buffeting. The car also keeps its brakes cooler than before, which should help with high-speed and repeated hard stopping.

One feature that’s likely to be exercised a lot more than the high-speed braking is a burnout mode. McLaren calls it “Spinning Wheel Pull-Away,” and it offers “dramatic wheelspin when accelerating from standstill.” That’s because even six-figure supercar buyers are 16-year-olds in a muscle car at heart.

The 2025 McLaren Artura will be on sale shortly. Pricing starts from £221,500 in the UK for the standard spec.


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