Saturday, December 2, 2023
News McLaren Celebrates Six Decades with Anticipated Supercar Unveil

McLaren Celebrates Six Decades with Anticipated Supercar Unveil

New Supercar to Make Its Debut Amidst Star Drivers at California's Sonoma Raceway

  • McLaren celebrates 60 years with Velocity Invitational event at Sonoma Raceway from Nov 10-12.

  • A new, yet-to-be-revealed supercar will be the highlight, featuring participation from renowned drivers.

  • Event follows McLaren’s earlier unveilings of a hybrid hypercar and a four-seater model.

To commemorate its 60th anniversary, McLaren will host the Velocity Invitational at California’s Sonoma Raceway from November 10-12, 2023. Among the highlights is the debut of a new supercar, whose details remain confidential for now. The event is expected to feature renowned drivers and follows the brand’s earlier showcases of advanced vehicle models.

A Milestone Event

The Velocity Invitational serves as a high-profile occasion to celebrate McLaren’s six-decade legacy in automotive innovation. Scheduled to take place at Sonoma Raceway, the event has garnered interest for what promises to be a memorable experience for fans and industry experts alike.

What To Expect

McLaren has indicated high expectations for the event, stating, “The planned reveal will involve both superstar drivers and a car that will take fans’ breath away.” While specifics of the new supercar are still undisclosed, this announcement hints at an unforgettable experience. This follows McLaren’s previous private events, where a hybrid hypercar and a four-seater model were apparently exhibited, signaling the brand’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology.


Source: The Supercar Blog

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