Friday, December 9, 2022
News McLaren is Working on an SUV

McLaren is Working on an SUV

After Aston-Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini, McLaren will add an SUV to its lineup.

In the hyper-premium corner, almost all the well-known brands have already or are currently planning the arrival of a utility vehicle. Bentley flinched with the Bentayga, Rolls-Royce now has its Cullinan and Aston Martin, its DBX. The list goes on and on until the Ferrari SUV arrives soon, but one player is missing in this highly lucrative super SUV category: McLaren.

Despite the excellence of the British division’s current cars, it’s not enough for an exotic brand like McLaren. According to the British magazine Autocar, McLaren is already at work on the development of the first McLaren SUV, which, unsurprisingly, will be fully electric. It’s expected to arrive in the second half of the decade and will likely come in more than one version, as is often the norm as electric cars become more prominent in our lives.

The publication even suggests that McLaren intends to compete with the fastest SUV on the planet, the Aston Martin DBX 707.

McLaren has no choice; every premium brand has at least one SUV in its ranks, and the commercial success of these over-the-top SUVs is pushing the little player from Woking, England, to jump headfirst into this utility venture.

Of course, at this stage, details are not available about this future electric and very fast utility model, but it is safe to assume that McLaren will not change its formula, despite the size change. The McLaren SUV will certainly benefit from the most advanced battery technology, while the very principles of the brand – lightness, compactness, and advanced aerodynamics. It would not be surprising if this future McLaren “truck” is equipped with a solid-state battery when the technology becomes available towards the end of this decade.

One thing is for sure, McLaren wants to continue in the same vein with a product that lives up to its reputation. We’ll see in a few years if this project sees the light of day, but given the potential of an SUV these days, the chances of it happening are high.

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